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[1] Perl - Environment Variables <A NAME="environment"></A>
<H2>Environment Variables</H2>

<P>Perl uses the following environment variables.</P>


<TR><TD VALIGN=top><TT><B>HOME</B></TT></TD>
<TD VALIGN=top>Used if <B>chdir</B> has no argument.</TD></TR>

<TR><TD VALIGN=top><TT><B>LOGDIR</B></TT></TD> < .....
[2] Perl - specialvariables
<A NAME="specialvariables"></A>
<H2>Special Variables</H2>


<TR><TD VALIGN=top COLSPAN=2>The following variables are global and should be
localized in subroutines:</TD></TR>

<TR><TD VALIGN=top><TT><B>$_</B></TT></TD>
<TD VALIGN=top>The default input and pattern-searching space.</TD>&l .....
[3] Perl - Networking
<A NAME="networking"></A>


<DD>Accepts a new socket.

<DT><B>bind</B> <FONT SIZE="-1">SOCKET</FONT><TT><B>,</B></TT> <FONT SIZE="-1">NAME</FONT>
<DD>Binds the <FONT SIZ .....
[4] Perl - Formats
<A NAME="formats"></A>


<DT><B>formline</B> <FONT SIZE="-1">PICTURE</FONT><TT><B>,</B></TT> <FONT SIZE="-1">LIST</FONT>
<DD>Formats <FONT SIZE="-1">LIST</FONT> according to <FONT SIZE="-1">PICTURE</FONT>
and accumulates the result into <TT><B>$^A</B></TT>.

<DT><B>write</B> [ < .....
[5] Perl - File Test Operators <A NAME="filetest"></A>
<H2>File Test Operators</H2>

These unary operators takes one argument, either a filename
or a filehandle, and test the associated file to see if something
is true about it. If the argument is omitted, they test <TT><B>$_</B></TT>
(except for <TT><B>-t</B></TT>, which tests <TT><B>STDIN</B></TT>). If the special argume .....
[6] Perl - String Functions <A NAME="string"></A>
<H2>String Functions</H2>


<DT><B>chomp</B> <FONT SIZE="-1">LIST†</FONT>
<DD>Removes line endings from all elements of the list;
returns the (total) number of characters removed.

<DT><B>chop</B> <FONT SIZE="-1">LIST†</FONT>
<DD>Chops off the last character on all elements of the
[7] Perl - Statements <A NAME="statements"></A>

<P>Every statement is an expression, optionally followed by a modifier,
and terminated by a semicolon. The semicolon may be omitted if the
statement is the final one in a <FONT SIZE="-1">BLOCK</FONT>.</P>

<P>Execution of expressions can depend on other expressions using one of the modifiers
<B>if&l .....
[8] Perl - variables

<A NAME="conventions"></A>


<TD><TT><B>fixed  </B></TT></TD>
<TD>denotes literal text.</TD>

<TD>means variable text, i.e., things you must fill in.</TD>

&l .....
[9] Perl 5 Quick Reference Guide -index <A NAME="contents"></A>

<LI><A HREF="#conventions">Conventions</A>
<LI><A HREF="#options">Command-Line Options</A>
<LI><A HREF="#literals">Literals</A>
<LI><A HREF="#variables">Variables</A>
<LI><A HREF="#operators">Operators</A> .....
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